How do I invest in 5 Steps?

  1. Click the [INVEST NOW] button and start to complete the form.
  2. Enter your identification information in the form.
  3. Enter payment information.
  4. Sign the electronic subscription agreement.
  5. ACH funds will be transferred from your bank and placed in escrow.

What should I expect after completing my 5 steps.

After completing the above steps your investment application will go through an Anti-money laundering (AML) review. This review can take up to 3-5 business days. Once the investment clears AML review, you will be sent your Tulsa Real Estate Fund ownership certificate.

The length of time it takes for your application to clear the security screening process and fund your investment account, depends on your application details. For example, delays can occur if the application doesn’t include a valid I.D. or has a mistyped bank account number, SS#, or date of birth. Incomplete applications with no signed subscription agreement can also be delayed, etc…

If more information is needed to complete the funding of your investment account, we will contact you via email with a request for additional documentation. So, please make sure we have a current and frequently checked email address for you.

Once your application has cleared and your investment account is funded, we will email you confirmation along with your certificate of ownership. See a sample of the certificate of ownership below.


Your confirmation email will also contain information on how to set up your investor account with Computershare. Your Computershare portal will house your shares, provide share balance information, tax forms and other pertinent account information.

Computershare is Tulsa Real Estate Fund’s transfer agent and record keeper. Computershare is a global leader in financial and corporate governance services. Computershare serves some of largest companies in the world including Exxon, Intel and American Express. Find out more by visiting their website at