February 2018, the Tulsa Real Estate Fund was qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Regulation A+ Tier II real estate crowd fund. 

The Tulsa Real Estate Fund is an economic vehicle that enables working class and institutional investors to own shares and equity in a portfolio of real estate assets acquired or managed by the fund through strategic private equity partnerships, public and private partnerships or debt financing.The Tulsa Real Estate Fund has received national recognition from Forbes, and dozens of other local news broadcasts, write-ups and online magazines coverage for both the historical significance of the fund and its early success.

In October 2018, TREF acquired its first property in a qualified opportunity zone in East Point, Georgia. This 30,000 square foot building, now known as the Legacy Center is under development to become a state of the art production studio and small business incubator.

Today, there are more than 9,600+ partners of Tulsa Real Estate Fund, and we’ve invested nearly $12.2 million worth of real estate across the nation.



Founder & CEO

Ernestine Morrison

Chief Communications Officer & Equity Partner

J.D. Houston

V.P. of Investor Relations

Cornelius McClendon

Real Estate Associate


Customer Relations Representative

Lasheita Thomas

Senior Fund Administrator

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