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“Each morning I check the individual social media accounts for each of my brands… as well as my personal page. Any successful CEO must understand the power of social media. Reviewing the organic engagement on my various Instagram pages and other social media platforms gives me insight into the sentiment of the public at any given moment.”

— Jay Morrison, two-time author and founder of two eight-figure businesses, the Jay Morrison Academy which was included on Inc.’s 2018 list of Fastest Growing Companies and the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, an African American-founded real estate crowdfund which raised over $10 million its first month

In this Inc. com write-up, solid advice from successful entrepreneurs was catalogued as a roadmap for aspiring bosses. An 18-point list of the daily routines of successful and high achieving entrepreneurs was made better by Jay Morrison Enterprises executive, Jay Morrison as he explains his habit of taking the pulse of the public and their daily engagement with his brands by reviewing the social media engagement of his businesses.